Milwaukee Chainsaw Vs. Makita

Milwaukee Chainsaw Vs. Makita: Which Brand Is Better?

Getting power tools from reputable brands is vital as it ensures they are durable and efficient, whether for professional work or DIY projects. Choosing a brand for the power tools might be a hassle as each brand is unique. Looking at the market, it is saturated with brands that offer power tools that are suitable for the DIYers, contractors, and woodworkers. It is always advisable to have insights on what the brands offer to choose one that caters effectively for the intended needs.

This article provides detailed insights on both Milwaukee and Makita chainsaws identifying their differences as well as the best brand between them.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Vs. Makita

Milwaukee chainsaw vs. Makita chainsaw

First, it is crucial to understand that both chainsaws share the same bar and chain layout. However, their battery platform differs as Makita uses two 18v batteries while Milwaukee uses a single pack of 18v.

The Milwaukee chainsaw is a new innovation and a powerful tool as well. The cordless battery-powered chainsaw is a high performing tool that deals with both simple and hard tasks with ease.

Makita chainsaws are available in three categories, namely: corded electric, gas, and battery-powered chainsaws enabling the user to pick whichever suits their needs. The models are powerful and suitable to handle both light-duty and heavy-duty tasks. They have one of the best top handle chainsaws

The chainsaw batteries

Milwaukee chainsaw has a 16” chain and bar as well as a single 18V battery pack and M18 battery platform. The battery is 12Ah, recording as the highest amp available. With this, it can handle around 150 cuts per a single charge.

On the other hand, Makita chainsaw uses two 18V batteries that enable it to produce more power and run faster compared to other chainsaws.  The use of the two batteries enables the chainsaw to have a fair distribution of weight and allows versatility. Also, chances of purchasing new chargers and batteries are low with Makita chainsaw.

Milwaukee Chainsaw

Brushless motor

Milwaukee chainsaw has a power state brushless motor that has an RPM of 6600. The motor provides efficiency and long run times and is said to be faster than a 40CC saw while dealing with hardwoods.

The Makita chainsaw has a brushless rotor motor which enables it to be an effective tool. The motor comes with a technology that automatically changes the speed allowing to achieve ultimate results while dealing with various kinds of woods. The speed of the motor can also be varied to suit specific needs and cutting operations.

Noise and Emissions

Milwaukee chainsaw is fast and powerful and ensures there are no tune-ups, fumes, priming as well as pulling of strings. The chainsaw also produces little noise during the cutting of the woods. Makita chainsaw features zero emissions and low noise. It is enabled by the fact that it produces only 100db limiting the loud noises and emissions during the operations

Makita Chainsaw

Tool system

Milwaukee has a dual stud system which calls for tensioning of the tools and chains swapping.  The Makita chainsaw has a tool-less system which has a tool-free chain swapping and tensioning making the entire operation simple and swift.

Other than having a similar chain and bar layout, both chainsaws are easy to maintain, given that they have automatic oil lubrication. They also have oil reservoirs, which allows a continuous cutting process. The oil chambers are also transparent so that it is easy to see the levels of the oils without necessarily taking off the caps. It is easy to handle both chainsaws as their handles are well designed to give excellent and firm grip options and maintain a position and comfort during the operations.


There are several essential factors that one should consider when getting a chainsaw. The intended purpose, as well as the tasks to be handled, is the primary consideration. A chainsaw should be easy to run and operate regardless of its model. The power of the chainsaw should also be checked to ensure a reasonable job is accomplished. The noise levels of the chainsaws, as well as the cutting abilities given the different chainsaw designs, should also be checked.

Given the features mentioned above, Makita chainsaw emerges as a better brand. First, Makita chainsaws are available in three models; the corded, gas, and the cordless chainsaws. They are also sturdy and have better durability as well as construction. Makita chainsaw caters for the needs of various people from homeowners, DIYers, professionals, and amateurs given their wide range of products. Milwaukee chainsaw is mostly suitable for the homeowners even though professionals can use it. You can see more best chainsaw post from, a great blog about chainsaw that we found.

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