Different Types of Chainsaws and their Uses

There are many different kinds of chainsaws in use in the world. However, the types of chainsaws produced depend on the changes in demand, technology, materials used for their production, and more importantly, the changes in the sources of power for these chainsaws. In today’s work environment, there many different kinds of saws including coping saws, table saws, hacksaws and many more others that will be discussed in this article.

The Cordless Type of Electric Chainsaws

This type of chainsaw is used in cases where portability and distance are the main concerns for the operator or user. In such cases, you could be avoiding scenarios where you have to deal with gas and hence the best alternative as well as the option is the electric chainsaw. So why would you choose the cordless electric chainsaw? First, they operate from power derived in a rechargeable battery. In fact, it works with exactly the same principles as the cordless drills which have special charged-battery slots. It gives you enough time to work as you have several replacement batteries thus you dedicate enough time to recharging the batteries.

Cordless Type of Electric Chainsaws

These types of cordless electric chainsaws are expensive than other types of chainsaws and require less power and energy to run unlike the gas-powered gases. The most common type of gas chainsaw that is used is deluxe, but despite its superiority, many operators still opt for the electric chainsaw which is quieter for reason of their lack of engines and hence they are less disturbing or distracting.

The Makita XCU03PT– this is the most recommended type of cordless electric chainsaw. This chainsaw has been fronted for many reasons by leading manufacturers. So what are some of the advantages of this type of chainsaw that many users seem to be opting for? Here are some reasons:

  • It has a special Tool-Less-based chain adjustment mode which requires little of complicated alterations and as a result, the user can make adjustments more conveniently. That means it is easy to maintain and repair the same.
  • It has an outer-built Rotor that is brushless and works with a motor-drive system whose function is to provide the requisite high speed and power approximated at 32cc just as the powerful gas chainsaws and hence you can rely on Makita for high efficiency.
  • Makita has a varying speed chain with a trigger that regulates its speed, thus ensuring that there is the sustenance of its cutting ability and overall performance.
  • It has an in-built LED switch for purposes of enabling an automatic power on/off function. When not in operation, it automatically switches to the off mode so as to delay the exhaustion of the battery life.
  • It similarly has an in-built lock-off lever that automatically turns off the chainsaw especially after the operator engages it accidentally.

The Corded Type of Electric Chainsaw

This is the second most important type of chainsaw. It does not require a rechargeable battery but you have to sacrifice the convenience and luxury of portability. It is the best option if you intend to sacrifice those very benefits. Unlike the other cordless chainsaw, this one is much quieter, light in weight, and heavily relies on the direct power source, meaning that you cannot continue work without power or during power outages. However, it has the same power and low-tier based capability just like its cordless counterpart, and is considered weaker than the gas model as well.

Corded Type of Electric Chainsaw

Unfortunately, with the use of this electrically-dependent chainsaw, you have to be close to the home, power station, or a warehouse from which you draw electric power. It may call for the installation of power outlets in terms of mobile wires and cables transmitting power. It is considered as a cheap alternative because you may not necessarily require rechargeable batteries and hence you can plan accordingly on the modus operandi while you are working at home.

The Earthwise C301116– this is the most recommended electric chainsaw for its special features and performance attributes unlike the others. Some of these attributes include:

  • It has a tool-less adjustment, maintenance, and operation capability meaning there is no tension during its operation.
  • Tool-less assembly for it comes with a fully assembled package during the purchase.
  • Its safety button is covered with a special plastic bar and chain cover.
  • The 16” (inches) chain and famous Oregon Bar.
  • Built with a powerful 12 Amp Motor that runs at a 120 Hz at maximum.

The Gas-Powered Type of Chainsaw

Gas is a cheap source of fuel but you could go for this if you are not allergic to smell or if you actually do not mind the smell at all. In terms of power and capability, the ability of this type of gas cannot be contested for it is known to offer the most power such as cutting power, sustenance, greater bar power than the cordless and corded electric types of chainsaws. You can therefore cut more trees easily by relying on this type of chainsaw. However, it is louder and heavier than the others. In terms of convenience, it is portable and versatile but you would dig deeper into your pocket for it is still an expensive model compared to any other type of chainsaw.

Gas-Powered Type of Chainsaw

Husqvarna 455 Rancher– is the most recommended gas chainsaw type for some reasons as provided below:

  • Inbuilt Smart-Start Engine which is designed to generate energy at the most little or minimum effort. It therefore saves s=time for it cuts faster and starts faster as well.
  • Low fuel consumption under its X-TORQ technology thus has a reduced exhaust emission characteristic and has thus been considered to be environmentally friendly.
  • The centrifugal air cleaning system is larger for purposes of removing dust particles, foreign particles, and hence ensure thorough filtering for improved engine life and ability.
  • Reduced vibration hence it cannot disturb the operator. In such a case, one does not complain of fatigue. Moreover, it lessens the associated tensions in the assembling of tools.


This is the best type of chainsaw if you want speed, power, and work without fatigue. The chainsaw is highly portable and advanced, meaning you can work from any location be it the home or in the bushes. Its technologies are superior and have been cited as the most preferred chainsaw in recent ratings.

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