Wayne’s House

Meshack Drew, Wayne and Pastor Kurt IngramAwhile ago we were privileged to be allowed to offer a wonderful gift to someone in our community.

One early summer day, Wayne called me to ask if we would be willing to help him make his home more livable. We soon determined that the house was not salvageable and his best hope would be to tear down the existing crumbling structure and start over.  After much thought, prayer and discussion, my wife and I felt moved to take this project on pro bono, and oversee the building of his new home.

Wayne’s existing house was very old, unsafe, and about to be condemned by the City of Bellingham.  Our job was now to remove the existing home and build Wayne a new home in a very short period of time while he lived with a friend.

With the help from one of Wayne’s family members we were able to come up with a small budget of $21000 dollars to cover the minimal costs such as permitting and material for which we could not find donations.

Wayne was incredibly moved,  excited and humbled by everyone’s willingness to help give him a new start.

This house was built by an army of volunteers like you, as well as subcontractors and suppliers who were willing to donate materials and labor.  The community assistance organization, Whatcom Love INC, and Roosevelt Community Church were on board and will continue to be a great help as a long term connection with Wayne.

The project stayed on budget and took a total of six weeks to complete.  After a touching ceremony, we moved Wayne into his new home.  I was amazed by how willing and excited everyone was to lovingly help Wayne with his fresh new start in life.

Thank You to everyone who was a part of this project!

Meshak Drew and the Squalicum Builders Team.

p.s – Here is a time-lapse video of one of our work days. For even more pictures go here.

2 thoughts on “Wayne’s House”

  1. It was fun and rewarding working with the crew and I thank everybody for the opportunity to do so. See you next Saturday. Dave

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