Victorian Vitality

In July of 2009 we were contracted to build an addition on a historical building in downtown Bellingham. The house was a beautiful Victorian style home in the lettered streets with a pristine English-style garden covering every inch of the property.

Most custom jobs we take on have unique challenges. This one was no different. We were asked to put a 350 square foot addition right in the middle of an established garden without disturbing it. All of the plants within the footprint of the addition had specific relocation instructions as well. We were also asked to continue the look of the existing Victorian façade on the addition. Some Victorians are decorated like ornate gingerbread cookie houses you see around the holidays. This one was more subdued than that, but there were some very ornate details we had to copy to perfection.

As you might have noticed from earlier posts, no one within the walls of Squalicum Builders is easily intimidated by creative challenges. I think we actually look for projects that stretch us as builders and as people.

The excavation was similar to doing delicate surgery. We took the dirt off the property one bucket-full at a time. During the framing phase, a few tree branches needed to be trimmed, but that is about it. We kept the site as clean as possible to help keep the garden we were working in beautiful. In the slideshow at the end of the post you can see the detail on the eaves we reproduced from the original. Can you spot the wooden toy wheels? Yeah, that is what those circles are.

In the end the addition was a raving success. It looked as if it had always been there, or as if it had grown right out of the ground in place. Who knew we could sprout a house! Please have a look at the slideshow. We enjoy our job and we love sharing our joy with you.

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