Large house under construction

“Monster House”

Most of the time the way we do business becomes an automatic reaction. We don’t “think” about giving a customer our best work, we just do it. Only when we can compare ourselves to other general contractors do we get to look at the way we do things. Recently we were given a chance to do just that. We got a desperate call from good friends of ours in the beginning of this year. They need us to help finish building their 5,000+ square foot custom home that was in shambles. We hadn’t ever taken over an existing custom home from another contractor and from what they told us, this one was going to be a challenge on every level.

Before any physical building is done on a home or commercial building, a lot of information needs to be gathered, an extensive, comprehensive plan needs to be developed and a formal contract needs to be agreed upon and signed by all involved. Apparently several of those key steps had been left out in the beginning of this project. We needed to do some major backtracking in order to make any movement forward. So, we spent a few weeks making lists, contingency plans, calling sub-contractors, gathering budget numbers, physically “remodeling” parts of the home and tracking down lost material. That work left us with solid budget numbers, a plan for completion and most importantly…the truth. Our friends had been in the dark for so long about how their home was going to be finished, they were beginning to lose hope. We provided the relief they needed.

From that point we were able to take their dream home out of the nightmare state we found it in and transform it into a beautiful finished reality. Along the way we found several hidden oversights left by the previous contractor. We took them in stride and rolled with the punches. We also found opportunities to fix things in creative and beneficial ways. All said, we crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” in a professional and timely manner.

Throughout the process we were faced with how we do business compared with the previous general contractor. We were able to reflect on the level of service we give our customers and how it affects their building experience. We scrutinized all areas of our business and found ways to improve. This was a good project that challenged us in every aspect. We are thankful for the work and how it helped grow and stretch our skills as builders.

Here are a few pictures of the building process and a few of the closing party we held for the sub-contractors and their families. More pictures are to come, check back when you can.

- Squalicum Builders Team

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