Kitchen with island

Daylight in the Dusk

In December of 2007 the economy in the building industry was not looking good. Many of the general contractors around us were struggling to find work or sell the houses they had just built. This custom job came to us in the middle of a rough time in our industry. We felt blessed and thankful for light in the darkening skies.

The customers came to us with a lot, a plan and some great ideas. We added our newly acquired project management skills, knowledge of the industry and some creativity. From there a great project was born.
We hired a new foundation/flatwork contractor for this job and now we consider them to be the best of our sub-contractors. Their foundation walls are flawless and completely flat which made our framing perfectly level, square and plumb without having to shim anything on this house.

In the framing process we needed to hire more help. We had the opportunity to hire a friend of ours who was out of work and needed income. He had drive and focus that improved the way we framed that house and we had fun at the same time.

As the project continued the economic scene became dire. I actually had our gutter sub-contractor personally thank me because our company was the only one, recently, who actually paid them. WHO ACTUALLY PAID! I was floored. I could not fathom telling a sub they weren’t getting paid. That situation reminded us that this job was a blessing for everyone involved.

The home was finished to the customers delight and we could sit back and admire a project, well done, from every angle.

This house represents “provision” to us. Thank you for checking out our site. Please feel free to comment and enjoy the pictures.

-Squalicum Builders Team

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