Cottage on a cliff

We have a few customers who we have hired us for more than one project and only one who has hired us for three. Summer of 2008 we built a guest cottage for this customer. She has an amazing lot with an amazing view of the bay. Just sitting on her deck eating lunch every day watching the water added years to our lives.

The plan was to make a separate dwelling for her to use as an art studio and a place for her guests/family to stay when they were visiting. Space was an important aspect. The cottage needed to be small, but functional and match the style of the main house.

Our first hurdle was how to get an excavator to the back of a property on a cliff. We rented a mini-excavator that could pull its tracks in to 5’4” wide and we drove it through a space we opened in the side fence. The digging was slow and we hit sandstone, but time and a jackhammer did the trick.

My favorite part of the project was the fireplace mantle. Our customer gave us some reference pictures of a cabin she had visited. She wanted the interior to look “rustic” with wood everywhere. We worked with a great company called Timber Mantles. They cut a 10” diameter Yew log in half and mitered the corners so we could attach it to the top of our fireplace. Working with those guys was fun and I liked visiting their shop with all of the custom tools and beautiful wood pieces.

Because the job was a smaller one, we did a lot of the work ourselves. We personally did the framing, interior trim, siding, decking, landscaping, tile, oh yeah…and the ditch digging. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. Please enjoy the slideshow from this project and don’t miss the pictures of the custom Murphy bed we put in. Good stuff.

– Squalicum Builders Team

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