Commercial Projects

The majority of our business has been in residential construction. In the last few years we have tried our hand at a few commercial projects to broaden our skill set and get some different perspective. We have since learned new things and met new people who have helped us become better contractors.
One of the major aspects we needed to learn was the code in commercial construction. We are very read in the International Residential Building Code, but commercial is a whole other world. Health Department and ADA regulations became familiar to us very quickly.

The Daisy Café used to be the Toulouse Café and we helped change that. We had to bring the kitchen up to Health Department standards. It was interesting to clean a commercial kitchen that didn’t pass the Health code in the beginning and improve it to pass a very stringent multiple point inspection. I appreciate the Health Department so much more now! We took that knowledge and used it at Greene’s Corner and Room2Think which both have kitchen facilities. The Daisy Café is now one of our favorite places to have “business meetings” and plot out our next ventures. It is a good feeling to eat at a place and think ‘Hey, we made this place better than what it was and I know the kitchen passed inspection!’

Greene’s Corner was almost a full rebuild. We demolished half of the structure and gutted what we left standing. It used to be Pynor’s Market (for you locals) and we turned it into a much nicer/modern version of the original store. For those of you who don’t know, Greene’s Corner is right across the street from the County Building Services office. They were excited to have a place to grab lunch or a cup of coffee and they helped us a great deal with understanding commercial code.

Room2Think is a company that provides rentable meeting space for groups of most any size. The building infrastructure was already in place before we started with them. We were hired to finish out one of the office spaces to their specification. The owners were fun to work with. We were all able to brainstorm ideas and solutions to potential problems using our individual skills and experience. It turned out beautiful.

Room2Think was built to LEED certification standards (that is a whole other post) which was new to us as well.

20/20 Engineering was a very progressive project for a very progressive business. Our job was to follow the owners’ big ideas and try to make them a reality. The building we helped convert to their office used to be H&H Anglers and Outfitters, an outdoor equipment retail store. 20/20 Engineering specializes in designing systems to manage water for absolute maxium efficency. They wanted to use special toilets in the bathrooms that use the liquid waste to irrigate the plants around the building. Wow! We had never heard of such a thing.

Commercial projects are satisfying. We understand the desires of the business we build for because …well…we are a business too! Enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave a comment.

-Squalicum Builders Team

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