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Not your grandfather’s insulation

Our insulation contractor, Northwest Insulation, has recently switched suppliers to Knauf Insulation. Knauf has a new product line called EcoBatt Glasswool Insulation and we think it rocks! We are always trying to find more “environmentally friendly” or ( insert ecological buzz word here ) materials. The reasons are numerous but when it comes down to it, we want to use materials in our projects that maintain industry standard and utilize our natural resources to the maximum. If a material is safe, clean and renewable, but it does not meet existing industry regulations, we are out of a job. If the material does not use our earth’s resources in a sustainable way and those resources disappear, we are out of a job. In our opinion, it is in the best interest of every industry to use what they have well.

Echo-Bat Insulation

EcoBatt is made of sand, a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled glass bottles and a renewable organic binder that takes 70% less energy to produce. The binder is the key part of the equation. The “glue” that holds other fiberglass insulations together is made with phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics and artificial colors. It is nasty stuff, not just for the customer’s home we are putting it in, for the contractors that have to install it in the walls in the first place. We have to handle it and breathe it in too.

This product meets all thermal values and industry compliances. It also meets low emitting standards for application in schools and hospitals. It currently comes in most of the standard sizes with a few exceptions and is about the same price as the old stuff! We are excited about this product and we hope we can put it in your home or office someday.

-Squalicum Builders Team