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Salish Breeze House

We are excited to announce our first of many homes in the Salish Breeze neighborhood.

This special place is a perfect fit for the types of homes we like to build. Our specialty is the  high quality and unique design that is on display in this “base model.” Over the next few years we will be building more homes like this in the Salish Breeze neighborhood. One of them could be yours. There are many lots available and ready for your home.

Salish Breeze is just seconds away from amazing parks, trails and beaches. You will live in a quiet setting removed from the hustle and bustle, but near to all the amenities you need to live a full and busy life. Talk to Meshak at Squalicum Builders and see if Salish Breeze is the right place for you to raise your family or… enjoy your grandchildren.

Large house under construction

“Monster House”

Most of the time the way we do business becomes an automatic reaction. We don’t “think” about giving a customer our best work, we just do it. Only when we can compare ourselves to other general contractors do we get to look at the way we do things. Recently we were given a chance to do just that. We got a desperate call from good friends of ours in the beginning of this year. They need us to help finish building their 5,000+ square foot custom home that was in shambles. We hadn’t ever taken over an existing custom home from another contractor and from what they told us, this one was going to be a challenge on every level.

Before any physical building is done on a home or commercial building, a lot of information needs to be gathered, an extensive, comprehensive plan needs to be developed and a formal contract needs to be agreed upon and signed by all involved. Apparently several of those key steps had been left out in the beginning of this project. We needed to do some major backtracking in order to make any movement forward. So, we spent a few weeks making lists, contingency plans, calling sub-contractors, gathering budget numbers, physically “remodeling” parts of the home and tracking down lost material. That work left us with solid budget numbers, a plan for completion and most importantly…the truth. Our friends had been in the dark for so long about how their home was going to be finished, they were beginning to lose hope. We provided the relief they needed. Continue reading

new house on a hill

A Very Custom Spec House

About 7 years ago, when the building market was hot, we found a great lot out in the county to build our next project. The land was on a grassy hillside off of a lightly used county road. From the high side of the property you could see the Canadian Rockies. It was gorgeous. We decided to orient the house to capture those views. This project, at that time, was our biggest undertaking and we were ready. I think necessity caused us to do all the foundation work on our own and it was hard work. We had to learn a lot about rebar schedules, retaining walls and grade beams. I know that “hands-on” experience has helped all of us in understanding the logistics of later projects. We moved on from a hard foundation to challenging framing. There were several days we had to melt solid ice off the tops of the walls so we could walk on them. From the end of framing on, the project went fairly smooth. Now we hire out all of the tile work and exterior stonework, we have some amazing craftsmen as sub-contractors, but back then we were the ones that did the work. I can remember doing tile on several projects, including this one, for about a month straight! After that I didn’t want to touch a tile saw…ever. Continue reading

Kitchen with island

Daylight in the Dusk

In December of 2007 the economy in the building industry was not looking good. Many of the general contractors around us were struggling to find work or sell the houses they had just built. This custom job came to us in the middle of a rough time in our industry. We felt blessed and thankful for light in the darkening skies.

The customers came to us with a lot, a plan and some great ideas. We added our newly acquired project management skills, knowledge of the industry and some creativity. From there a great project was born.
We hired a new foundation/flatwork contractor for this job and now we consider them to be the best of our sub-contractors. Their foundation walls are flawless and completely flat which made our framing perfectly level, square and plumb without having to shim anything on this house.

In the framing process we needed to hire more help. We had the opportunity to hire a friend of ours who was out of work and needed income. He had drive and focus that improved the way we framed that house and we had fun at the same time. Continue reading